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"WiseFunds brings the biggest opportunity in the trading market. Through our extended

portfolio with Forex, Stock trading, and CFDs starting from the spreads just 0 pips we make

possible for all traders to increase their margin profit, and explore new opportunities. We

strongly believe that trading can be simple, and valuable for everyone.

Our business philosophy stands for assisting traders to learn principles of Forex,

to have knowledge about Stock market and to apply them in the best trading platform.

We aim to provide different financial tools and to use them in a market where liquidity is high,

and profit potential is feasible every single time. We have created a social community where you

can follow the strategies that are already successful by the senior traders.



Our mission is simple. We want our clients to take the right decisions in the right moment by using trading market fluctuation in their favor. We are committed to providing trading services and thriving solutions to achieve customer satisfaction. We differentiate in the

market by offering a long-term relationship with our clients by creating values; not only for our clients but for any stakeholder, or potential client. We are client-focused, future-oriented, and consistently growing in the terms of clients, services, and trading platforms.



WiseFunds is a choice for up to 200 thousand active traders, and this is not a random fact.

We build a trust relationship with our clients by helping them with information, the strategy for trading, and safety of funds.


The time have confirmed our high reputation. We ensure the security of our clients' funds and

transactions and this way we fulfilled our financial obligations




We are committed to all our stakeholders:

Our clients, our affiliates, and our partners.

We do business with ambitions, and we do

our best to help them attain their goals.


Believing that everything is based on respect has been part of our values since our establishment. Respect is a value that can't be missed in our professional or personal aspect of life.

We respect ourselves, each other, our daily work,

our customers and our partners. We strive for trust, honesty, transparency, innovation, and growth.




Our main concern is the comfort our customers, we aim to achieve global standards. Our clients are supported by the quick time of transactions, accessible payment systems, and updated versions of our website


"Our services are accessible to anyone who aims to be part of forex trading without a limit for Micro Accounts or commissions for deposits".


Our dedication to our employees is our key to achievement. We know that every minute they spend with us, is a minute away from their family. Motivation

is the base for a healthy working environment, that’s why we generate equal opportunities.


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WiseFunds brings the biggest opportunity in the trading market. We strongly believe that trading can be simple, and valuable for everyone.



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