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Experience a trading platform like no other with WiseFunds. The Wisefunds Webtrader Platform will make trading simpler, quicker and more convenient thanks to its ready-at-hand features. From technical analysis tools to news updates, you can find all the necessary tools you need without trouble and have maximum control over your trades.


The Wisefunds Webtrader  Platform has a user-friendly interface that will enable a much seamless and practicable trading experience. Collapse the side panels to enlarge the charting area or open them to have market rates and positions more visible. Easily interact with our team and have educational features accessible any time you want. The options are limitless when you trade using the Wisefunds Webtrader Platform.

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Truly experience the heart of the Platform by utilizing the 5 Wisefunds Webtrader buttons individually or in combination. Whether you want to keep an eye on your fellow traders’ activities or take advantage of popular trading indicators, the Wisefunds Webtrader Platform has these features handily available.

Social Wisefunds Webtrader


Wondering what your fellow traders are up to? If you’re a social trader, this button lets you keep an eye on traders’ activities. Keep tabs on their positions, observe their win rates and make trading decisions based on your peers’ verdicts.


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WiseFunds brings the biggest opportunity in the trading market. We strongly believe that trading can be simple, and valuable for everyone.



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